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Corona Virus Plan 2020 

Simplifying Lifestyle Technologies while protecting our community.

Stead Tech have adopted a COVID safe code of conduct to ensure our customers and staff are protected in these unprecedented times and to provide our services that are needed more than ever as social distancing and isolation affects us all. 

Our Policy is guided by the WHO and the Australian Medical and Federal Governing bodies recommendations, this requires any employee who is in any way unwell or being exposed to a person with symptoms to stay home until recovered, this would be a minimum of 14 days. 

Stead Tech technicians working inside or out will inquire as to your heath to ensure that it is safe to come into your home. Extreme care will be taken inside any clients’ house, hand washing (frequently) and sanitising prior to entering your home. Declining hand shaking and only encountering surfaces that are needed to carry out the service.  Social distancing will be encouraged at a 1.5m distance from a client. Any Equipment bought into your home will be sanitised prior to entry and again on exit. 

Stead tech technicians will employ regular good personal hygiene plus we will wear face masks and gloves for your piece of mind.

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