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Wi-Fi Solutions

​Is your Wi-Fi letting you down with slow speeds, drop-outs, poor signal quality or dead zones? Sound familiar? 

Working from home and multiple devices per person has changed the way we use our home internet over the years, but we haven’t changed the way we connect, guess what, your Wi-Fi can be a whole lot better. 

Our home Wi-Fi specialist can provide fast, reliable internet throughout your home or office. Our solutions will bring you into the future providing fast whole house Wi-Fi including home automation capabilities with Google assistant or Alexa assisting you to search the web, play music or even turn on the lights!!!

Imagine high speed whole house internet and your favourite assistant on hand, yes please!!

Get the most from your internet and Wi-Fi, contact Stead Tech to assess your current Wi-Fi configuration and we’ll provide the best whole house solution based on your home’s technology needs.

Our Wi-Fi Solution Services include:

  • Set up new NBN connections and provide advice on the correct NBN plans to meet your needs

  • Advise, supply and installation on the best Wi-Fi solution based on your technology demands

  • Install optimal and secure Wi-Fi network with existing Broadband/NBN

  • Whole house Wi-Fi coverage with advanced mesh systems

  • Split Wi-Fi networks to protect your personal devices from your security measures (cameras/ intercoms etc)

  • Sale and installation of high-quality Wi-Fi enabled modem routers (high quality streaming and gaming)

Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal and Enjoy Uninterrupted Online Access

You can benefit from uninterrupted streaming, gaming, and remote working when you boost your Wi-Fi signal. Once you’ve experienced uninterrupted Wi-Fi, you will never go back to using ordinary setups. Choose Stead Tech for all your wireless internet requirements and enjoy your internet again.

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Common Problems in Your Home That Could Cause Slow Wi-Fi

The first step to fixing unresponsive Wi-Fi is often to identify the current problem with your setup. While many factors could influence both the speed and reliability of your connections, a few culprits are more common. Consider some of the everyday problems that can cause your Wi-Fi to give you a headache:

  • You experience various dead zones in your home. Dead zones refer to black spots in your home that don’t seem to have Wi-Fi. These spots disrupt your connections because moving through them will entirely disconnect you. We can help you remove these dead zones with extensions to your Wi-Fi network.

  • You experience connections that seemingly drop out of nowhere. Intermittent connections refer to fully functional connections one second and completely off the next. While this problem can come from a range of sources, such as your ISP, your Wi-Fi setup can also play a massive role. We can investigate to make sure you broadcast your Wi-Fi on the right spectrum to avoid interference from neighbouring systems that cause your own to disconnect or intermittently drop out.

  • You simply have poor signal that seems to slow down your connections. When you’re not seeing full bars of Wi-Fi connection on your selected device, it means that some data becomes lost from the router to the device itself. This data loss can often result in slower connection speeds, even though your internet package is fast. With a better Wi-Fi setup from our team, you can get rid of poor signal entirely.

How We Will Help You Solve Your Wi-Fi Problems

Beneath the layers of Wi-Fi being an internet connection, many complicated things are at play. To help you better understand how we can assist you at home, consider the services we provide:

  • We can help you install Wi-Fi. If you do not currently have a Wi-Fi setup in your home or business, we can assist you with the installation. Whether you want a new router installed or additional access points added to your home, we can do it.

  • We can provide you with a mesh Wi-Fi installation. A mesh Wi-Fi setup allows you to expand from one broadcasting device to many. This setup is ideal for large or small homes that want crisp connection quality in every part of the house. We can expand on these networks as much as necessary to get your home internet back to optimal functionality.

  • We can help you set up your smart home. If you have any smart devices that require Wi-Fi connection, we can help you set them up without a hassle. You get to enjoy your smart systems without having to figure out any manuals or tech-related lingo.


Questions We Receive Regularly Regarding Wi-Fi Installation Services

We understand that internet-related problems are not everyone’s area of expertise, which is why we want to provide clarity where we can to all our clients. Consider some of the frequent questions we’ve received over the years:

  • Can you make my Wi-Fi faster? If you’re reaching the optimal download or upload speeds specified by your ISP, a better Wi-Fi setup will not solve the problem unless you have dead zones or interference slowing you down. Your download and upload limits come directly from your internet service provider, and we cannot change them. However, if you experience slower speeds than you should and your Wi-Fi connections are slower than your ethernet (cabled) connections, you could benefit from better Wi-Fi setups to reach all areas of your home. Most clients benefit from upgrading their Wi-Fi setup from the ISP provided Wi-Fi router, these are just to get you connected rather than deliver quality Wi-Fi.  

  • Can you look at my current setup before providing suggestions? Of course. We would never suggest a new setup before investigating your current one. We aim to understand which moving parts make up your Wi-Fi system before recommending any changes. However depending on your problem some suggestions can be made over the phone.

  • Will my Wi-Fi setup require a simple change to fix it? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer here. We base the solutions we provide entirely on your specific problem because taking a template-based approach will seldom show you the results you want to see. Depending on what your home needs – more access points, a Wi-Fi channel change, or more – the required work will vary.

About Us and Our Services That Can Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

With more than 25 years of customer service experience, we know what it means to provide the best quality services to our clients. We are always happy to discuss your requirements with you, so please don’t hesitate to contact our team when you need the Wi-Fi systems in your home reconstructed.
Get in touch today and tell us which of our services you need.

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