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WiFi Routers, Boosters, Extenders, and Mesh – which will work best for you?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Is your WiFi up to scratch? With NBN rolled out across Sydney and the Northern Beaches so many of us have sighed in relief to be rid of the clunky ADSL broadband we have had to put up with for so long. However, with so many of us working and studying from home and multiple devices connected in our homes, patchy, weak, or WiFi dead zones become more apparent as WiFi extenders and routers running old technology struggle to keep up with demand.

Before updating your WiFi, you first need to assess your NBN package and address your technology requirements at the peak consumption times for your family. Many of our customers simply contacted their provider and asked for NBN to be connected, unaware that the different price points in NBN provider packages reflect differences not just in the number of GB per month they can download, but the speed of the connection they receive. We have helped many clients correctly assess their overall, household requirements and select a more suitable NBN plan.

If, after reviewing your package, you are still struggling with internet speeds, performance, and blackspots, we need to look at your WiFi delivery.

Your ISP provided router may not be good enough

It is rare for our internet connection to be in the middle of the house. Often it will be at one end of the house, buried in the garage, tucked away in a concrete comms room, or somewhere equally as problematic. Suffice to say these are not the most appropriate locations, particularly given the average quality of routers provided by internet service providers (ISPs). They often just are not strong enough to carry the WiFi signal to all parts of your house from the less-than-ideal location. The ability to provide high-quality fast internet is nigh on impossible without a better WiFi solution.

Boosters and Extenders – improving the distance, degrading the signal

In the past, we have used WiFi extenders and boosters in an attempt to get our signal to the far reaches of our homes. Up until recently, this was our best option. WiFi extenders and boosters create a split signal, under a new name, to extend from the original router to another location in your house or on your property. Unfortunately extending/boosting a signal with no “smarts” behind it means you have a signal without an intelligent connection selection hierarchy which can significantly impact the signal continuity for your devices. As you move throughout the house, your device will hold onto one signal until it drops out before changing to the other, even if you are really close to a strong signal and connected to the patchy, weak signal. This can really slow you down unless you are prepared to change networks manually from your device as you move rooms in your home.

Mesh WiFi networks – a seamless solution

Introducing the latest in WiFi technology, (and after analysis our most recommended solution for our clients) whole house Mesh WiFi systems. A mesh system does not split and extend the WiFi signal, rather it creates a mesh between nodes (access points) that provides whole-house coverage with no dead spots. A correctly installed mesh will allow your devices to connect and transition seamlessly between access points without dropouts or buffering pauses as your device switches between signals. Driven by intelligent, processor-driven routers, the mesh systems access points communicate with one another to ensure the best available signal and bandwidth, taking into consideration the devices connected to them at the time and the requirements of those devices on the network.

Imagine roaming your whole house with no WiFi issues… now let’s make that daydream a reality.

Get the most out of your Internet connection. Call Stead Tech today on 0448 460 446 to get the best WiFi solutions for your home.

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