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Internet Set-up & Troubleshooting

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​If you are like many of our clients, you’d prefer to leave the set up and connection of technology to someone else, even if your internet or NBN provider has sent you all the goodies and instructions to get connected. 

With many different connection types the whole thing can just be too confusing, Stead Tech will connect your new modem and help connect all your devices. 

Already have a service but not happy with the performance?

You are not alone, many clients have a connection but are not getting the service they expected. Speeds are slow and the signal is patchy. 

Internet stability and speed is one problem, the other can be the modem supplied by your provider leaving you wondering what to do next.  Our most common complaints come from customers with poor service or Wi-Fi since their new connection to the internet and NBN has been set up. We can help you get the most from your connection and remove the frustration of poor performing internet services.

There are many factors as to why your connection is just not performing the way you need. Stead Tech can analyse your current connection and provide advice and solutions to maximise your internet service. 

  • Connect and sync your provided router, modem or NBN box

  • Set up provider supplied Wi-Fi routers

  • Connect all devices to new network

  • Advise on best plan to suit your internet use

  • Troubleshoot connection issues

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