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Home Theater Installation


Advice, Installation, Sales, Set-up and Improvement Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing services that improve our customers everyday lifestyle whatever their needs.

Set up solutions for new and existing tech

Everyone's wants and needs are different, and we are here to tailor solutions for both new and existing home technology requirements. Perhaps you've never configured your home entertainment or Wi-Fi properly, maybe you're wanting to upgrade and get a new TV or sound system? Or have you just had the NBN connected and need all your services re-configured? We'll come up with the best solution for your home and budget and set up your home technology in a user-friendly way to keep things simple and enjoyable. 

Advice on improvement or expansion of existing tech

Let's be honest, there are so many choices today and deciding on what's best for you can be harrowing. Let us take the hard work out of making those decisions, by providing clear and easy to understand advice on your next purchase to upgrade or expand on your existing home lifestyle technology. 

Advice, sales and set up to suit your desired technology environment

Home entertainment these days starts with a good internet connection and a strong Wi-Fi signal. For most of us we face the problem of dead zones or blackout spots in our homes or slow internet speeds. With new technology we can upgrade your current Wi-Fi network and eliminate those frustrating dead zones improving overall Wi-Fi signal and strength throughout your home. 

There are loads of choice when it comes to Smart TV's, Smart Home devices and home hi-fi (surround sound, sound bars, whole house speakers). We can remove the confusion with solid advice on what best suits your environment including listening and watching expectations. We'll set up, calibrate and configure your home entertainment for enjoyment, no need for you to get all tangled up!

Improve your existing tech and services

Install and configure new devices and services


Advice on how to achieve your ideal setup

Sales of new tech at a competitive price

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