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Google Nest - 5 Hot tips and uses

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

So many clients are already enjoying the benefits and features of Google Nest WiFi in their homes. The benefits would be obvious with whole-house WiFi, however, the features might not be so clear.

I thought a quick list of great things your Google Nest can do would be helpful:

Just ask Google!

1) Ask Google everyday questions, Set alarms and reminders, Good morning routine

a) Just say “Hey Google” followed by your command. Eg. What’s the time, What’s the weather doing today, Set an alarm for 10 am, Remind me to do Christmas shopping on Wednesday, what temperature should I cook my lamb at, turn the volume up/down etc. You can ask Google anything you would search on the internet. She even has a good sense of humour, try asking Google to tell a joke!

b) Hey Google “Good morning”. This command sets off a routine starting with the time, the weather and then the latest in news. You can customise this under “routines” in your Google Home App.

2) Listen to your favourite radio station

a) Did you know you can ask Google Nest to play your chosen radio station? Digital radio is a built-in feature and it’s free. Eg. Hey Google “play Tripple M”

3) Control Smart Plugs and Lights with routines or your voice

a) Christmas tree lights and outdoor lights are a classic example of why using smart plugs and lights is so beneficial. Did you know for an inexpensive cost you can purchase Smart plugs (bunnings has them) and add then to your Google Home and then control them with a voice command or routine? For example, you could group all your Christmas lights and set a routine for them to turn on and off at chosen times. Or turn them on and off with a simple voice command that you set.

b) Remember the Clapper from the 70’s? Did you know Google Nest and Google Mini is the new age version? We can easily change light globes and downlights with Smart Lights and set them up in your Google Home app to control with your voice or routines. Even your bedside lamp can be just too far to reach some nights. 😉

4) Nest Cam and Nest Door Bell

a) New to the Google range you can now monitor every corner of your home wirelessly and see who’s at the door from anywhere in the world right in your palm. Get alerts and talk with your visitor/delivery driver even when your away from home.

b) No electrician or cables are needed for these long-lasting battery-operated cameras and doorbells.

5) Set device Priority or Interrupt internet (Parental control)

a) Did you know you can set a priority on your device, so you don’t get internet interruptions in the middle of important Zoom meetings or a Gaming session for example. By setting your device as a priority, if someone else comes home and uses the internet you will get the lions share of bandwidth (speed). From the Google Home app, click on (Wifi/Devices/Prioritise device) and select your device from the list.

b) Parental control - From the same area as above in your Google Home app you can also “Pause” the internet to any device, this can be handy for homework or bedtimes. You can even set this up as a routine for each day to pause the internet at chosen times on selected devices.

Don’t forget Stead Tech does everything home tech. Anything from a Sonos system or surround sound setup to new TVs or cable management and Home Automation.

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