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Smart Home Automation Systems

Most of us will have heard of or experienced the “Clapper” back in the 60’s and 70’s, you know, you clap, and the lamp turns on!!

Imagine you have guests over for dinner, everyone retires to the lounge room for a night cap, but the lights are so bright, and the mood is all wrong. Without lifting a finger or getting up, you call out to Google or Alexa “Hey assistant, late night lights” and the lights dim and set the mood. Your guests are in awe of how tech savvy you are!

Home Automation is not just for brand-new high-end homes, everyone can bring a little or a lot into their homes with our fully versatile affordable solution’s. 

Why get out of bed to turn on the lamp, set the blinds or create a scene in your home when you can automate that with voice commands. 

Talk to us and explore how this affordable lifestyle technology can change the way you live, simply. Clint at Stead Tech can advise, supply, and set up your home automation needs  

Home Electronics

Our Smart Home & Smart Device Services include:


  • Smart home hubs and controllers

  • Wi-Fi solutions including assistant (Voice control)

  • Wi-Fi Smart lighting (voice control)

  • Wi-Fi Smart Switch (transforms any home into a smart home)

  • Wi-Fi Battery operated home security camera's

An Easy Solution for a Smart Home Setup

Digital technology is rapidly becoming part of our daily lives, and it can be challenging to find home appliances devoid of smartness. Accessing these convenient features of the washing machine or the room lights depend largely on the quality of your smart home setup. Let's quickly look at the benefits and requirements for home automation.


The Benefits of Smart Home Automation

The automation of smart devices in the home refers to installing digital appliances, controllers, switches and other devices that are not only remotely or voice-controlled but can also adapt and anticipate your requirements. Examples include:

  • A smart lighting setup allows control of the lights in the house and individual rooms. This feature is not limited to simply turning lighting on and off, but with the right components, it can include dimming and changing the colour temperature for the perfect ambience.

  • Effective home security is an excellent advantage of the smart home. Cameras can distinguish between intruders and pets or switch lighting and appliances on and off based on movement through the house.

  • Home and Away routines can trigger an array of smart devices in your home, turn on the porch lights as you approach or switch off the air conditioner as you leave, the possibilities are endless!

The Requirements for a Smart Home Installation

A myriad of protocols and typologies will confront the intrepid homeowner who investigates smart home technologies. This situation is often confusing enough to leave everyone but the most tech-savvy with the conclusion that manual light switches and padlocks are still the best solutions. The quagmire includes:

  • There is still no standardised language used by smart devices for communication, status reporting and responding to commands. The result is that several protocols are available, with each manufacturer usually only supporting one or two in their devices. Names like X10, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Insteon must be verified and understood before purchasing new devices.

  • Consumers must choose between utilising a hub- or app-based system to control all the home's smart devices. Both systems have definite advantages, but there are also important disadvantages you ought to consider. App-based control is a good option if only a few smart devices are installed, and inter-communication is not a requirement. On the other hand, a hub-based system allows control of all the devices from a central console, which can also be accessed using a smartphone or smart TV.

  • Excellent Wi-Fi coverage in the home is essential for most smart devices or quality electrical wiring for those devices that utilise their own power source for communication. You need a reliable, always-on Internet connection for app-based devices that communicate through the cloud.

Stead Tech device connection.jpg

Homeowners on the Northern Beaches, Lower North Shore and Upper North Shore of Sydney can quickly bypass the headache of protocols, hubs and Wi-Fi coverage by contacting us for a quick consultation on smart home automation. We do new installations and the expansion of existing setups with new smart devices.

Contact Clint on 0448 460 446 or use our contact form below

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