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Smart Home Automation Systems

Most of us will have heard of or experienced the “Clapper” back in the 60’s and 70’s, you know, you clap, and the lamp turns on!!

Imagine you have guests over for dinner, everyone retires to the lounge room for a night cap, but the lights are so bright, and the mood is all wrong. Without lifting a finger or getting up, you call out to Google or Alexa “Hey assistant, late night lights” and the lights dim and set the mood. Your guests are in awe of how tech savvy you are!

Home Automation is not just for brand-new high-end homes, everyone can bring a little or a lot into their homes with our fully versatile affordable solution’s. 

Why get out of bed to turn on the lamp, set the blinds or create a scene in your home when you can automate that with voice commands. 

Talk to us and explore how this affordable lifestyle technology can change the way you live, simply. Clint at Stead Tech can advise, supply, and set up your home automation needs  

Our Smart Home & Smart Device Services include:


  • Smart home hubs and controllers

  • Wi-Fi solutions including assistant (Voice control)

  • Wi-Fi Smart lighting (voice control)

  • Wi-Fi Smart Switch (transforms any home into a smart home)

  • Wi-Fi Battery operated home security camera's

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