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Confused by all the cables or just time poor, either way connecting all your home AV equipment can be a daunting job. 

With AV experience and having worked in the sound and lighting industries Stead Tech has the skills and knowledge to set up all your audio-visual components correctly.

Whether you are moving to a new house, setting up existing equipment or making a new AV purchase, Stead Tech can support you in making your AV dreams come true.

We will set up, connect, and configure your hard wired or Bluetooth:


Gaming consoles and Blu-Ray players

Sound Bars and wireless speakers

Amplifier and speakers (Surround sound/Home theatre)

Pay TV - Foxtel. Sky Box, Fetch TV, Apple TV, etc

Internet streaming services – Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Prime etc

Wireless speakers


Stead Tech can advise, supply, and configure TV’s, Home Theatre, Sound Bars, wireless speakers, Blu-Ray players and more. 

Don’t get all tangled up, contact Clint at Stead Tech to solve all your AV needs.

Our Home Entertainment Services include:

TV's, Gaming Consoles
and Blu-Ray

  • Set up of new TV's

  • Plug in all cables and program ready for viewing

  • tune in all digital channels

  • Create TV favourites for easy channel scrolling

  • Create digital radio favourites  via your TV

  • Connect smart TV to Wi-Fi or cabled network for streaming services and TV firmware updates

  • Connect Blu-Ray/4K High Definition player to TV

  • Connect Gaming consoles to TV and configure

  • Connect and configure Fetch TV Boxes, Apple TV, etc

  • Connect TV and Surround sound system

  • Pair Bluetooth sound bars and calibrate with smart TV

  • Advise on best suited amplifier or speaker configuration based on personal needs

  • Connect and calibrate surround sound speakers with amplifiers

  • Speaker cabling and connection for both hard wired and wireless connections (Bluetooth)



  • Connect streaming services –E.g. Netflix, Stan, Disney, Amazon Prime to Smart TV/Device

  • Create user accounts where applicable for desired entertainment service(s)

  • Create email account for streaming services (if none exists)

  • Setup streaming services to portable devices E.g. Laptop/PC Tablet/iPad, iPhone/Android phone

  • Credit card security using vendor vouchers 

Sound Bars and
Surround Sound 

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