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Home Entertainment

Confused by all the cables or just time poor, either way connecting all your home AV equipment can be a daunting job. 

With AV experience and having worked in the sound and lighting industries Stead Tech has the skills and knowledge to set up all your audio-visual components correctly.

Whether you are moving to a new house, setting up existing equipment or making a new AV purchase, Stead Tech can support you in making your AV dreams come true.

We will set up, connect, and configure your hard wired or Bluetooth:


Gaming consoles and Blu-Ray players

Sound Bars and wireless speakers

Amplifier and speakers (Surround sound/Home theatre)

Pay TV - Foxtel. Sky Box, Fetch TV, Apple TV, etc

Internet streaming services – Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Prime etc

Wireless speakers


Stead Tech can advise, supply, and configure TV’s, Home Theatre, Sound Bars, wireless speakers, Blu-Ray players and more. 

Don’t get all tangled up, contact Clint at Stead Tech to solve all your AV needs.

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Our Home Entertainment Services include:

TV's, Gaming Consoles
and Blu-Ray

  • Set up of new TV's

  • Plug in all cables and program ready for viewing

  • tune in all digital channels

  • Create TV favourites for easy channel scrolling

  • Create digital radio favourites  via your TV

  • Connect smart TV to Wi-Fi or cabled network for streaming services and TV firmware updates

  • Connect Blu-Ray/4K High Definition player to TV

  • Connect Gaming consoles to TV and configure

  • Connect and configure Fetch TV Boxes, Apple TV, etc

  • Connect TV and Surround sound system

  • Pair Bluetooth sound bars and calibrate with smart TV

  • Advise on best suited amplifier or speaker configuration based on personal needs

  • Connect and calibrate surround sound speakers with amplifiers

  • Speaker cabling and connection for both hard wired and wireless connections (Bluetooth)



  • Connect streaming services –E.g. Netflix, Stan, Disney, Amazon Prime to Smart TV/Device

  • Create user accounts where applicable for desired entertainment service(s)

  • Create email account for streaming services (if none exists)

  • Setup streaming services to portable devices E.g. Laptop/PC Tablet/iPad, iPhone/Android phone

  • Credit card security using vendor vouchers 

Sound Bars and
Surround Sound 

Struggling With Home Theatre Set Up? We’re Here to Help

Is your home theatre setup getting you down? Technology rules the world, making our lives easier and more convenient by the day, but getting it installed, set up, and working properly can be daunting. If the mass of wires and user and installation manuals aren’t enough, the complicated process of programming your channels to your liking and getting all your streaming services working further adds to the frustration.

Luckily, you don’t have to struggle with it. Our professional entertainment system and TV setup service will have you up and running and watching all your favourite programmes in short order. All the convenience and none of the hassle. What could be better?


Your Local Leaders in Surround Sound Setup

Anyone who has ever set up a home theatre system will tell you; it can take weeks of fine-tuning and organisation to finally get everything set up and running exactly as you want it. Getting your system neatly and quickly installed, your favourite channels programmed, your streaming services lined up, and your sound system just right is what we do.

  • Why put yourself through the hassle when you can get a professional to do it quickly and affordably? Let us help you by installing and setting up your entire home entertainment system, ensuring that you are fully connected, and everything is programmed to your liking.

  • We offer a comprehensive service, from wiring up your system to setting up your Bluetooth connections, and streaming services to the personalisation of your entertainment system to suit your preferences.

  • One of the most common issues people encounter when setting up their home entertainment systems is the crow’s nest of wires that is inevitably left at the end of the job. Our friendly, professional technicians use various methods to ensure that they install all wiring neatly and hidden from sight.

Let Us Help You

As technology advances, our home entertainment systems become more integrated into our homes – and more complicated to install and set up. We have years of professional experience in the Hi-Fi, home theatre system and soundbar, setup, sales, advice and installation.

  • Our technicians are highly experienced and hand-picked for their dedication to consistently achieving the best outcome for our customers, greatly simplifying a daunting task.

  • We offer a wide range of services, from new TV setup to installing and setting up extensions, ensuring that your entertainment does not have to stop at the living room TV. We offer a wide range of solutions, ensuring that your entertainment system extends to where you need it, be it a bedroom TV or a man cave extension to watch the sports in peace.

  • If you are looking for a fast, friendly, affordable, and highly efficient service, you’ve come to the right place. You will be impressed with our fast, friendly, and efficient service from beginning to end.

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About Stead Tech

We are the go-to service provider for internet connectivity, smart home services, and home entertainment set up across the Northern Beaches, Lower North Shore and Upper North Shore areas.

Contact Clint on 0448 460 446 or use our contact form below

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